The aim of this project is to significantly reduce the risk of air and water pollution. This can be achieved by improving slurry management capabilities.

Current slurry management regulation require sufficient storage to cover the closed application periods, but high rainfall causes capacity problems. Climate change is leading to prolonged high rainfall and extra-low flows with high-water temperatures increasing slurry management problems. 

Overuse of slurry on land causes pollution, therefore, farmers are looking for alternatives to traditional methods to build more resilience into the landscapes and to reduce siltation and diffuse pollution from farms.



Fishermen and environmental groups are unhappy with agricultural waste run-offs entering rivers.
Our goal is to clean the water that is extracted from slurry. This can either be released back into rivers safely or recycle the water for farm use (for cleaning purposes or drinking water for the animals)
We’ll be working with Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Water who’ll test the water
This Project will keep drinking water clean and promote water security


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