Precision Farming

Precision farming benefits both farmers and the environment through a more targeted use of spreading. This will reduce the amount of losses made by excess spreading and losses due to nutrient imbalances. 

Coleg Sir Gar has been working in collaboration with Map of AG and Precision Decisions. Map of AG are global pioneers in agriculture analysis and modelling technology. They provide expert knowledge and insight to agriculture and food chain industries from offices in the UK, Argentina and New Zealand. Providing access to intelligently sourced data and information from farms will enable businesses within the agriculture industry and food chain to maximise the impact of planning and decision-making. 

By taking intensive soil samples and zoning the land into separate sections, it is possible to identify the exact zones for appropriate nutrient application. The land is broken up into blocks of 5 hectares. This allows you to spread the right amount at the right time.



We are using innovative technology for improved efficiency.
Targeted application for environmental benefit.
By making decisions based on data you will be spreading the right amount, in the right place at the right time.
Increase yield of crops. Precision application allows crops to grow more evenly.

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