There has never been more pressure on the environment and a need to improve the way we recycle on-farm nutrients. Therefore, the time is right for innovation in farm nutrient management. Firstly, this can help alleviate pressures on the environment and financially benefit the Welsh dairy industry. Secondly, we have identified possible savings of £50M to the Welsh dairy industry. Savings and improvements are achievable by making better use of home-grown nutrients and reducing waste.   

The Tywi Farm Nutrient Partnership was set up initially to deliver efficiencies and reduce the burden of storing a vast amount of water that carries recyclable nutrients. Nutrients are important substances that provide nourishment essential for the maintenance of life and growth. All farming manures (slurry, farmyard and poultry) contain these useful nutrients. Therefore efficiently extracting nutrients from manures could save on the cost of commercial fertilisers. In addition, this would reduce serious environmental impacts. However, poor manure management can cause pollutants (including nutrients) to enter through run-off or drainage (for example, land drains).  

The development process of this Project will considerably reduce the storage of slurry on farms as well as the handling costs. Efficiently extracting nutrients from manure saves on the cost of commercial fertilizers and reduces severe environmental impact. 

More integrated management of farm nutrient resources will help to promote the coordinated management of water, land and related resources. This, in turn, will maximise economic and social benefits equitably while protecting vital ecosystems and the environment. 



By removing the water from the slurry, there is an increased concentration of nutrients.
A Buried Drip Irrigation system has been built with the help of our partners Netafim. The aim is that irrigation through extended dry periods can help increase bio-mass and food stocks whilst reducing the land area needed to sustain a herd of cattle.
This will allow growers to utilise the land for more cattle and/or other crops while creating additional revenue.
By reducing the volume of the slurry (separating water from the slurry), you will have more storage space.


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