Coleg Sir Gâr

The College is located in South West Wales. It has five main campuses at Llanelli (Graig), Carmarthen (Pibwrlwyd and Jobs Well), Ammanford and Llandeilo (Gelli Aur). CSG is also home to Carmarthen School of Art that dates back to 1854.

Coleg Sir Gâr intends to build our reputation as an independent centre of expertise in precision farming. They aim to achieve this by developing, evaluating and demonstrating additional new technologies with industry and farmers. CSG will continue a long and successful history of delivering applied research which has built up trusted links with the agricultural community.



GEA is one of the largest suppliers for food processing technology and of related industries. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components.

GEA wish to continue supporting the partnership developed through ProsiectSlyri. As a result, they aim to further develop the separation efficiency of cow slurry through a mechanical separation with the aid of chemical dosing where required.



Based in the North West, Netafim UK is established as the market leader in providing innovative irrigation solutions for agricultural, sports and landscape applications throughout the UK & Ireland. Netafim UK supplies the complete portfolio of equipment to complete state of the art irrigation systems via a national network of highly trained irrigation design and supply Companies.

Netafim looks at the UK and most of Northern Europe livestock as generally on a rain-fed economy. We have rain throughout the year. Often that same rain is a limitation in the movement and spreading of slurry. They have teamed up with ARC for this project. The aim is to research and develop the most cost-effective process for utilising slurry in a principally rain-fed crop.


Power & Water

Power & Water is an award-winning UK based water treatment technology company specialising in liquid chemical-free wastewater treatment processes.

They have been Coleg Sir Gâr's project partners throughout the development of the Prosiectslyri Project. As a result, they are looking to further develop the Advanced Oxidation Process. This process would enable recyclable water following treatment by the constructed wetlands. The process will aim to achieve water of potable quality to deliver back to the dairy system.



Aquatreat are established independent Water and Effluent Treatment Specialists. They have practical experience of the problems encountered in industrial water systems.

Aquatreat undertakes aspects of chemical and microbiological treatments in the waste treatment industry. They can deliver treatment strategies that enable the end-user to meet discharge consents and in most instances reduce discharge costs.


N2 - Applied

N2 Applied has developed a technology that enables local production of fertiliser from liquid organic substrates such as slurry with air and electricity. The technology adds nitrogen from the air into the liquid substrate and increases the nitrogen content. The reaction stops the loss of ammonia and reduces emissions, making it an efficient and sustainable fertiliser and creating a more circular farm system.

N2 Applied technology has already proven a significant reduction in a dairy farms carbon footprint. They've also sewider reductions in air pollution, including significantly reduced ammonia, carbon dioxide and methane losses. At a commercial scale, this project can deliver Wales with a solution to drastically counter air pollution and improve nutrient use efficiency, creating local, green, circular economies on Welsh dairy farms.



As the regulator and project partners, they will have access to key data sets to better inform regulation and policy decisions as a result of working with all the key stakeholders. New proven cost-effective technology will allow NRW to be better informed. It will provide them with alternative solutions when advising farmers on improvements to their infrastructure.

CSG, with the support of NRW, have recently been successful in their bid to take part in an NRW sponsored catchment project SMS supporting Natura 2000 Restoration, looking at supporting farmers with their nutrient application decision making. This will be done by sharing data on current weather and ground conditions as well as imminent scientific weather forecast data enable a shared understanding, control and monitoring of nutrient delivery to limit runoff.


Dŵr Cymru

Welsh Water is responsible for providing over three million people with a continuous, high-quality supply of drinking water and for taking away, treating and properly disposing of the wastewater that is produced, we are fully committed to delivering the best quality service at the least possible cost.

Welsh Water (WW) has a vested interest in identifying a way of reducing the contamination of waterways. WW will benefit by optimising water treatment and have forewarning of danger saving money and maintaining customer reputation This is particularly true in the Towy catchment.


Honesty Foods

Honesty Foods Ltd is integral to the success of the project. They wish to commercialise this modular process as a complete process system incorporating as many of the different processes that apply to the different scenarios found on different farms.

Honesty Foods Ltd sees potential for this combined process or modular elements of this process. They have based their predictions on limited uptake by early adopters in the short term leading to large scale follow on in the longer term. In the first three years (short term) they envisage 20 of the larger-scale UK dairy farms adopting the full fertigation process.


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