Tywydd Tywi weather app

The Tywydd Tywi Weather project is designed to rekindle interest, discussion and interaction between the regulator and the landowners.  

The project has installed six weather stations. These weather stations have added sensor capabilities to measure soil temperature, leaf moisture and soil moisture on strategically placed farms within the catchment. The farms represent typical areas within the catchment. Within the catchment, all farms are then allowed to relate to the data capture and recommendations.  

The data from the six stations will be gathered by telemetry to a central database to be analysed and displayed via a portal and phone app. As a result, Farmers can base their nutrient management and pesticide application decision making on the information they receive. The front-end data is displayed very simply in the form of a traffic light format. The format is appropriate to the operation that farmers intend to carry out. We will encourage farmers to have an up to date nutrient management plan that will identify high, medium and low-risk areas on the farm as regards the application of nutrients. The guidance can be easily captured and recorded by the farmer as a record of how they based their decision making.  

This project offers multi engagement opportunities between the Local NRW Environmental Team, the farmers and Coleg Sir Gâr.    

This project is funded by Welsh Government SMS. Sustainable Management Scheme – Supporting Natura 2000 Restoration (SMS-N2K).



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The Tywydd Tywi Weather App brings together live sensor and weather data in a single portal designed for agriculture.
Easily view conditions for a variety of farming operations and log all activities.

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